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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Purple Haze…

To expand more about an enquiry we received about Rihanna’s lipstick shade here’s a post about a few shades some of our readers maybe interested in. 

Rihanna has been rocking the colour a few times giving a great dramatic look. Whether you’re looking for a deep purple, light or medium shade, this colour looks great on all different skin tones .

Check these out:

Sleek: True colour liptick (mulberry) £4.99 (international shipping included)

MAC: Cyber: £14.00 Rebel: £14.00 (also check your local store for these)

Depending on how you want to achieve this look it looks great during the Autumn Winter season worn with minimal make up.

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Friday, 28 September 2012

Rihanna dazzles in red carpet manicure

Rihanna shows off her gel nail polish by red carpet manicure she wore their limited edition ‘your fortune awaits’ made with four carats of ruby dust. Her nails are also featured on the cover of her new single ‘diamonds’ , which is out now. Want to get her look? a consumer version called ‘draped in rubies’ will be available to purchase from any supporting beauty supply store on October 1st.

visit their site at www.redcarpetmanicure.co.uk

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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Kimmie Kyees plus Rihanna’s inspired Marc Jacobs nail art

Kimmie Kyees has worked with Rihanna over the years to create varieties of different nail art. From appearances, photo shoots, music videos or even just fun. For Rihanna’s lastest music video ‘where have you been’ Kyees has used one of her own designs she designed for minx nails to go with the whole reptile/tribal look. She opted for lustrous lizard which features a snakeskin print with a hologram base and multiple colours to complete the look. You can purchase these at any local beauty store that sells minx nails or you can purchase them at beautycow.com OR ellisons.co.uk (prices vary).

Came across this tutorial by cherrysuedointhedo.com which features designs of Rihanna’s Marc Jacobs floral detail dress from the resort 2013 collection. You can visit her site on how to achieve this look.

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Monday, 27 August 2012

Make up artist Kabuki: Princess of china


MTV has caught up with fashion make up artist Kabuki again this time for Rihanna’s latest appearance for Coldplay’s music video “princess of China”. He has worked with Rihanna before creating fierce looks for her latest music video “where have you been”, which we posted HERE.

“MTV STYLE: Last time, we chatted about working with Rihanna on her music video for “Where Have You Been”, now we’re talking about another Rihanna project, Coldplay’s “Princess of China” video which features Ri. How were things different working with Rihanna on this second video?

KABUKI: The “Princess of China” makeup was a little bit more planned because I had already worked with her on “Where Have You Been” by that point, so I kind of had an idea of what she might go for. It was also a bit more of a character because it’s a Coldplay video that she’s singing in, so I felt she had more of an opportunity of playing a part.

That’s really interesting. From where did you draw inspiration for this character Rihanna would play in “Princess of China”?

The way I got inspiration for that was I did a drawing of her face. Sometimes I don’t like using other references because you can be tempted to duplicate that reference. I tried to, rather than use references, just use my imagination, and I really like the idea of a skinny eyebrow because I thought it really took her away from being herself and plays up that character. It was also really helpful for me to show her that [skinny eyebrow] on a drawing of her own face rather than show her an example from an editorial work where it might look completely different.”

Read more HERE & his official site HERE

Should definatly check out his work it’s amazing.
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Monday, 2 July 2012

Luscious in Red…

Rihanna has been sporting the Egyptian look for all her festival shows thanks to celebrity make up artist Karin Darnell. You may have spotted the red look Rihanna has been showing off. She wore Mac’s favourite and the famous ‘Ruby Woo’ during her performance for the Radio One Hackney weekend festival and Fashion icon and Girls Alouds Nicola Roberts couture red from her make up line ‘Dainty Doll’ which was launched in 2010 for her performance for the ‘love and peace’ festival held in Sweden.

Dainty doll is available to purchase from feelunique.com for £12.50 (free postage incl. international shipping). If you’re from the UK it is available from superdrugs and Boots.

MAC’s ruby woo is available from any local MAC store and their online store and can also be purchased from nordstorm.com 

You can read ELLE’s interview with Karin Darnell HERE on how she achieved Rihanna’s look for Hackney weekend.

Other alternatives: 

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Monday, 25 June 2012

Rihanna’s Hackney weekend beauty look


ELLE UK caught up with with make up artist Karin Darnell who was responsible for Rihanna Egyptian make up look. Info below reads how Darnell created Rihanna’s look…

On Sunday Darnell hotfooted it from the Isle of Wight to Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend where she created a completely different look for Rihanna. ‘It was a street Egyptian-inspired look, but more fashion than Egyptian!’ Darnell told us.

To get that Egyptian feel, Darnell applied a double liquid line underneath and on top of the eyes. To avoid it looking too retro, Darnell ‘painted straighter lines on Rihanna’s eyelids, rather than an upward sweep’.

Rihanna’s foundation was Dolce & Gabbana, while the powder Darnell used on top was by Iman; on cheeks there was a subtle blend of bronzer and peachy blush by Givenchy. Finally, on the singer’s lips Darnell used Mac’s classic lipstick Ruby Woo, £13.50. (via ELLE)

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Monday, 30 April 2012

MTV exclusively interviews make up artist ‘Kabuki’ who is responsible for Rihanna’s eye catching make up for her new video Where have you been:

Did you and the stylist, Mel Ottenberg, work together on these looks?

We kind of worked together but sort of over the phone at first. It was all very quick. I think they were doing the wardrobe fitting before the first day of the video, so they probably had gathered a lot of things like I had.

Did Rihanna give a lot of creative input on these makeup looks?

Yes, she absolutely did! She approved everything. It was great when she would be excited about a specific look. And the look with the gold on her face? That was actually her idea!

You can read the rest of the interview HERE

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