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Following the Goods is a book written by a 28 year old Canadian, Adam Goodman and it was just published earlier this year. He sent me a copy for review here on my blog and it arrived this past Saturday; I finished reading it that same day.

The book was a breeze to read through. It is well written but in a way that just about anyone can pick it up and read it without any trouble, despite being a book about finance and covering topics that even include taxes. It is somewhat short but it packs a good punch and I think it does a great job doing what the author meant it to do, which is teaching the basics of finance to young (or old) people especially those who have absolutely no clue.  Read the rest of the review here. – Jesse Michelsen –

I just read your 1st chapter. Bravo. Your personal antidote and story reminded me of my financial decisions. At 28 myself, I bought tonnes of camping and fishing gear, spent a couple of years abroad, and surely after returning I’m back living at home! So I love the opening and you do a great job hooking the reader with your life story. Its brave of you to be so open and this is so refreshing. I also think that everyone university student think they will land the 200 k job after graduating. This may be true for some, but its probably not the reality for all.

I look forward to reading the rest of the book and encouraging my younger siblings to read it. Thank you for sharing your story. Like you said, we need to get every student in this country to learn about money and the value of a dollar! – Azim – Toronto

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