Marry the Night, Lady Gaga

In Marry the Night, Lady Gaga starts with an almost robotic, emotionless inner monologue about trauma and her invention of a new reality as her previous memories are erased. She’s then taken into a room with other girls, all of which have bandages wrapped around their heads, possibly referencing the use of lobotomy in early mind control programmes. She wants to ‘be a star’ because she has ‘nothing left to lose’ – she has been broken and this is the beginning of her transformation or re-programming. There are numerous other symbols and messaging which you could pick out – the writing on the wall at the top of the chamber says ‘the cross is my anchor’ except it’s written backwards, her legs crossed when she’s upside-down in the car could be said to look like the ram’s horns, and the flames could be another Satanic reference. The trauma, discontent and breakdowns we see throughout the video are seen as the price she pays for her success and no matter how low she goes, she’ll keep repeating this process.

Hold it Against Me, Britney Spears

Hold it Against Me is by far one of the most overt examples of Illuminati presence in Britney Spears’ videos. She’s seen wearing an angelic white princess dress which is contrasted with her black leather outfit, then we see two Britneys battling it out. There’s a scene in which she collapses to the floor, momentarily dying, then is reborn. Which Britney won the fight? Needless to say, it’s the bad Britney. Check out the quick shots of two pupils fighting for space in one eye too and the split second shot of her clown-style smile at 2.45”. Blink and you’ll miss it.

Style, Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s Style video features the instantly recognisable all-seeing eye, Illuminati triangles, and a tonne of cracked mirrors representing the fractured psyche when under mind control. It uses light, dark and projection to literally project another image onto their faces. At the end, she wears a top which reminds us of butterfly wings (the butterfly emerging from its cocoon is a symbol of rebirth and transformation).

Umbrella, Rihanna

Rihanna’s hit Umbrella is a classic case of alter ego as the shots move between her in a white summery dress and tight black leather mini dress, before she gets covered with a shiny metallic substance and crouches within a big triangle. In occult imagery, the triangle represents male energy so as Rihanna is inside this structure, she is seen as dominated and completely enveloped by it. Note the song lyrics are a persuasion to join her and therefore be protected by a supposed higher power. Vigilant Citizen has a much more detailed analysis of subliminal messaging in this video here:

Die Young, Kesha

Kesha released Die Young in 2012, two years before she raised a lawsuit against her producer who she alleged had drugged and abused her throughout their working relationship. The lawsuit raised questions around whether her producer was her handler and had a role in coercing Kesha through emotional abuse. From watching the video, the main lyric, ‘Let’s make the most of the night because we’re going to die young’ appears to mean ‘take part in an orgy and Satanic sacrificial ritual’…

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