Greatest In-Game Dunkers in NBA History 10


10 Tracy McGrady

One of the most exciting moments in a basket ball game would be when a player rattlest the rim of the basket with an amazing dunk. Well, though there is an annual Slam Dunk contest in NBA, in-game dunks are more exciting than the slam dunks. Let us see the top Dunkers in the NBA history.
Tracy McGrady is known for his scoring abilities, especially in the early 2000s. He used to be regular face in the top scoring charts and in 2002-03 season he managed to get an average points of 32.1 per game. His years with Orlando Magic and Houston Rockets were the most productive in his legendary career. During those years, fans were gifted to witness his mindblowing athleticism. There was a high chance that he finishes the ball with a dunk if the oppositon fails to defend him well in the paint.