Eerie Pictures of Abandoned Malls in the World 8


8 Dixie Square Mall, Illinois, USA

The world is ever changing. What seems to be trendy now may go out of favour within years or sometimes within days. The plight of many architectural marvels and other buildings are also the same.  Many buildings, all over the world, which used to be ever crowded have become completely neglected and abandoned due to various consequences. Let us see the ten most abandoned malls in the world.
Dixie Square Mall is one of the many dead malls of America. It was built in the year 1966 and by the year 1978, the mall was completely vacated. This mall is particularly famous for its use for the mall chase scene in the movie The Blues Brothers. From 1978 till 2012 the mall was abandoned and in the year 2012, the mall was demolished.