Best False 9 Footballers of All Time 9


9 Cesc Fabregas

False 9 position is rarely used in the world of football. The world of football has seen very few footballers who can adapt themselves to play as good false 9. There may be a lot of footballers who can become a very good False 9, but never got the chance to play as a False 9. What is the role of a False 9?The answer is simple. There is a misconception that if a midfielder plays as a striker, he is a false 9. But that is not true. A False 9 is a player who can score and assist others in scoring equally. That being said,  it is now clear that there are indeed a lot of footballers who can score and assist others well.
Fabregas is known to be a very good false 9 player. He has played as False 9 for Spain in many occasions. Infact only when Vicente Del Bosque introduced Fabregas as a striker in Euro 2012, many football fans got to know about false 9.