Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ruby's Birth Story

The glory of a third c-section, it's 110% planned! I knew the date and time that she would approximately be delivered, there wasn't any guess work. But I'm already starting to forget certain parts of it, so I need to write it all down before the details are overran with chaos and I forget.

Monday, July 10, 2017 we kissed the boys good-bye, left them with my mom and headed 45 minutes to the hospital. No contractions, freshly showered, but Jason and I held hand for a bit on the way there, we were nervous.

We checked into Labor and Delivery, were escorted to a pre-op room where I was given a VERY attractive gown to change into. "Everything off and be sure to open it to the back," the nurse said. I gave Jason a little smirk, as I waddled to restroom across the hall after changing, buns sorta (maybe?) covered.

My nurses came in and hooked my IV up, took all my vitals and then made me sign all the releases. 

"Do you want your placenta?" I almost vomited. Fuck no. I know that's some people's thing, but most definitely NOT mine. She told me about 20% of people keep them. *cringe* 

Doctor comes in.

"So you are for sure about wanting your tubes tied?" Yes!

"Or if you want we can just remove them? It decreases your chance of ovarian cancer by 25%." ....but we hadn't discussed this at my zillion other OB appointments. This is a thing? I didn't even know it was an option. I mean I don't need them, because we are 110% sure she is our last. Sure, why not! Take them! 

Jason was given his scrubs, several sizes too small. It was hilarious. When the nurse came in after he had changed and saw how uncomfortable he was she gave him some new ones. He literally had to rip them off, I was dying of laughter. We needed the laugh. We'd both been on pins and needles since arriving. My worry was a healthy baby, the boys had either came out not breathing or had stopped breathing at some point, I didn't want that again. Jason's worry was me, third c-section has more risk for mama, he definitely had all the "maybes" on his mind.

Then the nurse comes and tells me she needs me to take a lime green shot. Apparently it's a stomach acid reducer, in case I were to puke in the OR. I've never gotten sick. I'm not a puker. I never even threw up during this pregnancy.

8:15am rolls around. I get a glamorous bed ride to the OR and then walk into the room, that whole process makes no sense to me. I could've walked the whole way, but whatever. I'll take the chariot ride!

My anesthesiologist is an older man, but very sweet. I sit on the edge of the table and round my back out as he finds the place to place my spinal block. The needle and medicine goes in, I instantly feel like I peed myself- which apparently is good. I then lay back, and as I do so he says, "Now if you start feeling sick, let me know." I interrupt him to tell him I'm going to puke.

"Give me 30 seconds," he blurts out. Nope....vomit....lime my hair......on the floor.....everywhere! I was already numb and my arms were strapped down, there was nothing I could do. He cleaned me up, in that way a 3 year old picks up toys, so not very well.

Once that was over, the nurses started in with their cleaning of my abdomen. All modesty out the door. Spread eagle naked in front of 10 or so people getting washed and catheter placed. Bless nurses!

Finally my doctor and resident doctor came in and got to work.

Ruby Avanell was born at 8:46am weighing 6 pounds 7 ounces and measuring 19 inches. Our smallest baby ever, but completely perfect!

She pooped immediately after coming out, all over the baby station and screamed her little head off. Daddy held her and I kissed her sweet face.

Then my tube removal began. It lasted over an hour. Jason held our peanut the whole time, patiently waiting. There were murmurs of bleeding that they were struggling to get stopped and some scar tissue talk. But finally we were done, and rolled to recovery.

Ruby's first latch was perfect. She nursed the entire time we were in recovery, which for a newborn is amazing. Breastfeeding is SO hard and I was nervous for it not to go well, even though it wasn't my first time. Every baby is different, and this was a relief.

We headed up to our room a bit later. The boys came up with my mom that afternoon to visit, and it was perfect. She completed our family and we finally had that feeling of completion!

I want to share more on recovery later, it's been the hardest thing I've ever done. I'm still physically struggling every day. There's not snapping back happening over here, but another day.

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