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Speed Kills… But How Much Can it Help the Steelers?

by Rebecca Rollett

Image by Lori King, Toledo Blade

I started doing some research for an article on running back Dri Archer last season. In the course of my research I ran across a couple of players who also caught my eye. Said article was never completed, and so I’m revisiting it to see what happened to the guys I was writing about.

In the past several years there seemed to be a sort of thread tying the Steelers’ draft choices together. The 2013 draft was, to my eyes at least, all about character, an apparent reaction to some of the risks the Steelers had taken in the 2012 draft which didn’t entirely pan out.

The 2014 draft, in what seemed a departure for the Black and Gold, was on the surface at least almost entirely about speed. Even the aptly-monikered “Shade Tree,” Daniel McCullers, is pretty fast for such a large man.

Perhaps, several years after Warren Sapp declared the Steelers “old, slow, and done,” the front office finally decided to build a team no one could possibly call old or slow, at any rate.

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