Thursday, August 14, 2014

Vince Carter, future Hall of Famer, is still extremely effective

At a party in Scranton over the weekend, I got into a debate with a few of my friends about Vince Carter's Hall of Fame credentials. My boy P and I both felt as though VC was hands down a Hall of Fame caliber player, while two of my other buddies didn't think so.
VC image from

We went back and forth for a while, trading statistics and situations reinforcing our respective sides. No one really won the argument, as it sort of fizzled out after eventually, probably when everyone else at the party got sick of four dudes yelling about basketball when they were trying to play beer pong and take shots of Fireball.

Anyway, my case is clear: 23,000 (and counting) total points, a career average of over 20 points per- that's ten straight seasons of averages higher than 20- 8 all-star appearances, Rookie of the Year, and top 10 all-time in made three's. Oh yeah, he's also probably THE BEST DUNKER OF ALL TIME.

In my eyes he is in.

A couple days after the debate however, I came across this awesome VC 2013-14 season mixtape, which perfectly illustrates how Vince is still extremely effective at 37 years old, 17 seasons deep. I feel as though his ability to adapt and alter his game to fit in a bench role for the Mavericks further solidifies my case. Regardless though, it is an awesome video and worth checking out.