Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sam Hinkie amused by Joel Embiid's Twitter antics

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Sixers’ 2014 lottery selection Joel Embiid has drawn a lot of attention for his comical use of Twitter since his selection by the Sixers. The seven-foot center has used the social media platform to court Kim Kardashian, and then Rihanna, and even to rectuit LeBron James to the 76ers, before James announced his intention to return to Cleveland.

While developing a popular presence on the internet isn’t necessarily one of the central steps to his recovery, you can still count Sixers GM Sam Hinkie as one who has been amused by Embiid’s online antics.

“I told him I want him to take over my Twitter account,” Hinkie said on a conference call with media members on Tuesday. “Maybe my followers will pick up. I think I’m at like 20 or so now.”

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Embiid has gained thousands of supporters throughout the summer through his Twitter account, which he has also utilized to share rap lyrics and to poll followers as to which jersey number he should sport with the Sixers.  

“For a Twitter newbie I think he has found the line in a way that makes himself entertaining,” Hinkie continued, before admitting that he too had enjoyed Embiid’s tweets. “People have had lots of laughs, and you can count me included as one of them.”

Hinkie did acknowledge the timing of the Tweets however, and made mention of the fact that Embiid’s humor may not always fall favorably.

“Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of February, or late in March, or in the middle of a road trip, and some of that humor doesn’t go over as well.”

Translation: The Twitter-talk is fine and funny in the offseason, but when the Sixers are 12-45 in February, struggling through a road trip, his teammates might not find it so funny.

“But he has adjusted pretty well so far,” Hinkie stated, giving Embiid another vote of confidence. “Maybe he’ll touch the stove and get burned a time or two, but I think he’ll find his way and be fine.”

Hopefully that is the case, both on, and off the court, for Embiid. 

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