Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ronald Roberts reportedly signs with Sixers

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The 76ers have signed former St. Joe’s forward Ronald Roberts Jr. to a three-year, partially guaranteed contract, according to Sportsnado.

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Roberts played impressively for the Sixers this summer, averaging 10 points and 7 rebounds in the Orlando Pro Summer League, while showing off toughness, athleticism and some ferocious dunking ability.

The 6’8’’ forward had signed a pre-deal with French club Chalon, but his deal included an NBA opt-out, which he exercised. He will attend training camp with the Sixers in September. 

Considering his athletic prowess and the Sixers’ relative dearth of depth, it seems as though Roberts should have a solid shot at cracking the roster to start the season. His ability to get on the glass, especially offensively, and also to run the break and finish with a flush make him an appealing prospect, and one that the Sixers might be wise in giving an opportunity to.

Roberts, who is currently competing with the Dominican National Team at the FIBA World Cup, was unavailable for comment.