Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Joel Embiid: "At Kansas, there was so many hoes"

Joel Embiid's off-court antics just get better and better.

Embiid was making his media rounds over the weekend for NBA Rookie Photo Shoot Day, and his appearances included of course several stops for interviews.

In an immediately classic clip with an unknown interviewer, Embiid is asked about his off-court personality compared to on-court, and also about the women in his life, which is a favorite Twitter topic of Embiids'.

"When I get on the court I'm another man. I don't laugh, I don't play. I would say off of the court I'm goofy," he stated.

Then the conversation turned to dating.

"At Kansas, I would say I kind of dated..But at Kansas, there were so many hoes."

(Insert 'lol' here). 

'So many hoes' at Kansa; an astute, honest observation from Embiid. 

Before even suiting up for the Sixers, Embiid has demonstrated that he will be extremely entertaining. 

Check out the interview with Embiid below:

Upon further observation, it seems as though Embiid might actually have said 'so many rules,' but it is hard to tell, and 'so many hoes' would just be infinitely funnier, so we can just continue to assume that's what was said. 

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