Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sixers have a serious shot at Andrew Wiggins

More draft speculation as draft day continues to creep closer.

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The Sixers have reportedly had Andrew Wiggins as the top target on their big board all season, and, at this point, it seems that they may have a realistic shot of landing the gifted athlete from Kansas without moving from their third pick perch.

Before diving too deep into that idea, it is important to remember that everything heard leading up to draft day must be taken with a grain of salt. Reports are released faster than they can be read, and a vast number of them are riddled with misinformation and conjecture. Teams remain purposely opaque, and agents do their best to float only flattering information about their prospects.
The order of the draft’s top selections is far from set in stone, as the Cavaliers, Bucks, and Sixers will continue to evaluate talent all the way up until draft day, and the names at the top of their boards could certainly shuffle.

However, after countless calls and endless reports read, some semblance of sense and consensus can be pieced together. That consensus tells us that any of Andrew Wiggins, Jagari Parker, and Joel Embiid could be the top pick in the draft, and that there is a serious shot that Wiggins falls to Philly at the three spot.
Again, this status could change countless times leading up to draft day, but it is safe to say that the Cavaliers and Bucks are at least equally enamored with both Jabari Parker and Joel Embiid, as they are with Wiggins, if not more so.

ESPN Insider Chad Ford, who has been updating his information with new names seemingly daily to keep up with the rumors, recently reported that Wiggins may not even be in the conversation in Cleveland.
“A trusted source with close access to the Cavs' front office told me that he believes that Wiggins isn't even in the discussion in Cleveland, and that it's already been narrowed down to Embiid or Parker,” he stated.

While it seems silly to rule Wiggins out as the top pick, it is clear that the Cavs have some serious interest in Embiid, as the seven-footer won’t work out for any other team until Cleveland is given a chance to see if they want to select the center. 
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