Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tracy McGrady is back, playing baseball

Tracy McGrady had a very nice NBA career, even though injury issues prevented him from probably playing to his full potential. McGrady was always one of the most exciting, and entertaining players to watch, and also had one of the nicest, non-Nike signature shoes.

While we can't see T-Mac out on the court anymore, we can apparently still see him out on the diamond.

According to ESPN, McGrady made his pro baseball debut Thursday for the Sugar Land Skeeters.

McGrady is apparently a pitcher.

Image via ESPN

It is yet to be seen just how good McGrady is at his second sport, but he certainly looks the part.

It's cool to see McGrady continue to pursue his athletic aspirations, despite age and injury issues.

And look, he's still repping Adidas. Good job, T-Mac.

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