Friday, April 25, 2014

Sixers should bring back Hip-Hop

The Sixers are still searching for a mascot that fits the franchise. I guess it is understandably difficult to find a mascot that perfectly represents '76ers.'

But that's the thing; there is no perfect mascot for the 76ers, which is what made Hip-Hop, the shaded bunny, the perfect mascot for the 76ers. Unlike the Hornets, or Raptors, whose team names translate perfectly to a mascot, there is no perfect translation for the 76ers, so they might as well go with something random.

Sometimes the best, most beloved mascots don't have anything to do with the actual team. See: The Phoenix Gorilla. And what the hell is the Phillie Phanatic? Some big, weird, green thing, that certainly isn't a 'Phillie.'

Mascots don't have to make perfect sense; they just have to be embraced by the fanbase, and work to instill energy, which Hip-Hop did.

Since the team hasn't identified a reasonable replacement, they might as well bring Hip-Hop back.

Plus there was that time Hip-Hop and I were wearing matching outfits:

Michael Kaskey-Blomain (left) & Sixers' mascot Hip-Hop

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