Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Matt Bonner continues his awesome ways, searches for wraps and famous rappers

Matt Bonner is the man. He didn't have to do anything else to prove that he is the man, but he did anyway.

Who can claim a cooler nickname than Bonner? And he has a couple to pick from.. The White Mamba, Veal, The Red Mamba; all gold. 

Along with shooting long shots for the Spurs, Bonner is known for his strong affinity for sandwiches. In fact, he once calculated how much an NBA dress code fine would cost him in sandwiches -- true story. 

Bonner even has an NBA-official blog devoted to finding the perfect sandwich entitled 'Matt Bonner, sandwich hunter: The Quest for the Hoagie Grail.' Check it out here, it's great.  

Well apparently Bonner's love of meat, cheese, and accessories book-ended by bread extends to wraps as well. And apparently, he is also a big fan of rap music. 

So, with the obvious correlation between 'rappers' and 'wraps,' Bonner was at it again, in a new web-series entitled 'Wrapping with the Red Mamba.'

"He likes rappers, and he likes wraps, so why not talk with rappers eating wraps?!


In the first episode, or at least the only one I could find on the internet, Bonner chops it up with Geto Boys member Bushwick Bill, who only adds more entertainment, to the already entertaining clip. 

Bonner's search for a 'famous rapper' had me literally laughing out loud, especially considering his sheer size and the redness of his hair. 

Photoshopped (poorly) by Michael Kaskey-Blomain
I'll be on the look out for more videos from Veal, as you should be as well, you never know when he might stumble upon that perfect rapper/wrap combination. 

You can also see Bonner sitting on the bench, standing in the corner, or shooting ( and probably making ) long three's for San Antonio in their upcoming playoff push. 

At least when his playing days are over, Bonner will be well-prepared for a gig as the next host of Man vs. Food.    

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