Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Drake sits courtside at Raptors game, lint rolls pants

Drake sitting court-side at Toronto Raptors games is a common occurrence now, because, Canada.

Drake was spotted sitting court-side of the Raptors second game in their playoff series against the Brooklyn Nets, who won the first game in the series.

Apparently, the Raptor-ambassador had some hair or lint on his legs, and momentarily stopped paying attention to the game in order to address the issue.

There's Drake, left of the scorer's table, going to town on his pants, as the Raptors rolled into their secondary break.

A couple questions:

Shouldn't such lint-rolling be done before heading out for the evening?

How did Drake get so linty?

And last but not least, does Drake just always have a mini-lint roller on him just in case, or does he have someone that carries it for him?

Maybe Drake's rolling was good luck for the Raptors, who held on for a 100-95 win, and tied the series at 1-1.

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