Friday, February 4, 2011

The Simulated Celtics

The Celtics are stacked, solid, and have all the necessary pieces in order to make another Championship run. 

How do I know this?  Simple; video games. 

As a man who spends a good deal of time with a PlayStation 3 Dual Shock controller inserted in between his hands, I would like to think that I spend this time somewhat productively, picking up pieces of information and ideas here and there, and this season’s countless NBA 2k11 sessions habb3ve illustrated to me, among other things, Boston’s build and balance. 

Nowhere else besides the hardwood is the true merit of a team tested as much as it is on the sticks.  Running a couple straight games of 2k11 with the same squad will give you a great feel of how that team operates; what are their strengths and weaknesses, who should get the ball for big shots, where there are obvious holes, and where they are straight stacked.  Sports video games have made giant strides since the years of original NBA Jam.  Long gone are the days where you could simply dominate a basketball simulation with a single superstar.  Instead, in order to find success in newer basketball sims such as 2k11 you must employ the same team -oriented tactics seen by the real-life counterparts.  Every aspect is important as each position is as pivotal in the simulation as it is for postseason success, and the Celtics have all their bases covered; excellent point guard play, superior wing scorers, force in the frontcourt, and depth, which has become increasingly important in the video game world with the increasing inclusion of stamina in the games.

Yes, Boston is one of the League’s best built teams, as it trots out a top 5 point, two proven ice-cold killers on the wingbbrrs, a cycle of serviceable bigs, and a solid rotation of reserves.  The Celtics’ most glaring weakness, one which became apparent to me early on during my first full simulated 2k11 season running with them, is their susceptibility to injury.  A bad ankle and a bad knee sidelined Paul Pierce and Shaq respectively in my simulated season, and that same possibility looms large in real life.  

Barring such injuries, Boston will be a tough team to beat, so don’t be surprised to see them in the Finals of your simulated season, or the real one. 


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