Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An Open Letter to LeBron

Dear LeBron,

You can’t leave. Not yet. I don’t think you will, or at least I hope you don’t. Do you know how many athletes get the opportunity you’ve been blessed with? No, I’m not talking about the chance to jump on stage with Jay-Z or kick it with Weezy. I’m talking about the opportunity to bring a title to your home town, and the answer is not many. Do you know how many athletes would kill for an opportunity to win a title in the city, or even state, in which they were born, raised, and introduced to the game they love? And you’re thinking about walking away from this?? Could you live with yourself walking away from Cleveland without providing them at least ONE championship parade? Cleveland; a city thirsting for a title more than Lady Gaga thirsts for attention. You’re theirs LeBron; their savior, their first son. You’re their ticket to sports royalty and you’re a local? Talk about a dream come true.

What if Michael left Chicago before his seventh season? Would he be remembered the same if he left the Windy City to play with Patrick in New York, or shipped south to the desert to play with Charles? Sure he would have won some titles, but would he be remembered as the greatest ever? Michael’s greatness stems from his accumulation of the six rings he brought to Chicago. He brought titles to the city of Chicago, rather than heading to other cities to chase them. That is true greatness, and you LeBron, have the same opportunity, only exemplified because Cleveland, Ohio is your home, not just the city on the front of your jersey. Sure you could head down to South Beach and potentially form the deadliest duo of all time with Dwayne. You and Amare paired up in the Big Apple would certainly be tough to topple, but would it be the same? Would winning a title in N.Y. with a superstar sidekick provide you with the same satisfaction that being part of a championship parade in Cleveland would?

Look around you; Moe, Shaq, Jamison: This team has demonstrated its commitment to winning, and more importantly, its commitment to you. So this summer when you’re mulling over a multitude of mega-million dollar contracts keep this commitment in mind, if not for your legacy, then at least for your home.


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