Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Philadelphia Homecoming?

It just makes sense.

Lou Williams’ injury was the nail in the coffin. The Philadelphia 76eres desperately need a point guard and former franchise icon, Allen Iverson, desperately needs a home. Allen, at 34, is clearly not prepared to hang his Reeboks up, and the squad that saw its best success since the ‘80’s under Iverson’s lead, shouldn’t be prepared to allow him to retire either. A reunion of the two sides that served each other so well for a decade would be more than just a great story; it makes sense and provides benefits for both sides. The Sixers, currently 5-13 and thirteenth in the Eastern Conference, are floundering and the loss of Williams, their starting point, only adds insult to injury, literally. Inserting Iverson into the squad’s starting spot would immediately alleviate the scoring struggles the Sixers have faced this season, along with working to fill the seats, which as you can tell by watching any home Sixers game, hasn’t been easy thus far. The Sixers are currently second to last in attendance throughout the League, and their sub-par play doesn’t provide much promise for future fill-ups. Iverson would provide immediate excitement for a team that is currently one of the most boring and bland in all of basketball.

Singing Allen would certainly provide a sales boost, but it would also help on the hardwood. With Lou out, the Sixers desperately need depth in the frontcourt and Allen represents the best available option. Allowing Allen to start would alleviate an enormous amount of the pressure that is currently hanging on Jrue Holiday, who has been given the reins to the team since Lou’s injury. With Iverson on the squad Holiday could still clock major minutes and gain experience, but not be relied on completely to run the team; a tall order for anyone, let alone an unproven rookie. Allen’s scoring ability will help the 76ers, and although he may not be able to singlehandedly win games anymore, he can certainly help get some W’s, which have been hard to come by this season.

For Allen, a second go-round with the Sixers will provide him with the platform necessary for the next part of his career; whatever that may be. Performing well for the Sixers this season could work to prove to the rest of the League that he can still play at a high level, potentially peaking interest for suitors come next season. If no such suitors come calling, then at least a short, season-long stint with the Sixers will allow Allen the opportunity to walk away from the game on his own terms, with the team he which he experienced his greatest success.

Once again the two sides seem destined for each other, and at this point, it can’t hurt.


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