Public transit.

Public transit, 'trans-link' & traffic congestion. Trans-link spending is out of control. Like many other 'public utilities, public transit was “stolen” from The Taxpayers that built it and given to political cronies to “plunder”! We have uncontrollable crime on the streets and transit police are “treacherously” protecting $2.75 with a loaded gun? “Treacherously shameful behaviour!” Is this a 'police state' when they protect the corporations best interests? Can We trust these “treacherous trans-link police”? Traffic. Drivers in Vancouver have No empathy for pedestrians and cyclists as reports involving both are on the rise! How do We slow traffic down? More traffic cams and all traffic infractions will be $doubled$. Vancouver will receive the increase to pay for the rising costs related to pedestrian and cyclist safety. Higher transit taxes, disintegrating streets and the lack of traffic control! Collusion? Corruption? And the rising costs to The Taxpayers. Solutions? NO “treacherous transit police” in Vancouver. A 2 year budget freeze or free transit in Vancouver, or both

Making Vancouver The Safest City in the World.

As the Vancouver 2014 election gets closer, We will be updating more about Mike Hansen's platform and how he will address these and more issues effecting us all, in Vancouver. E-mail us with ideas and changes you want in Vancouver. E-mail, Mike Hansen's campaign is funded by Cannabis sales to ALL over 18. GST # 822985230
June 01, 2014