Poverty and Homelessness.

The 'Poorest Postal Code' in Canada. 2010 The UN called homelessness a 'national crisis' in Canada. Is poverty a social experiment? City hall can count the homeless People but “they can't account for the homeless People”! With their political cronies plundering the coffers of the poor, how do these “treacherous servants” sleep nights? Vancouver is host to some of the 'poorest Children and Seniors in Canada'! These People are all someone's Children and my Sisters & Brothers. As mayor I'll move my office to The Downtown East Side as the rich are capable of handling their own affairs! Or do they need a corrupt mayor to hold their hand? Homelessness is an easy fix for a competent, uninfluenced mayor. So We'll start the planing process now and over-ride the review committees, this is a 'national crisis', an emergency! More Seniors housing, low-cost housing, recovery housing and Enhanced Living Suites, first and foremost. There are non-profit entities in Vancouver claiming to be doing 'Gods work', that own many pieces of real estate worth $millions$, bequeathed by parishioners but NO incentive to build homeless/low cost housing joint ventures with the city or others. We'll give them the incentive they need to help, as God is our witness! The present colonial system is treachery at it's finest. Shameful behaviour. Collusion? Breach of trust? Human Rights violations? And the rising costs to The Taxpayers.

Making Vancouver The Safest City in the World.

As the Vancouver 2014 election gets closer, We will be updating more about Mike Hansen's platform and how he will address these and more issues effecting us all, in Vancouver. E-mail us with ideas and changes you want in Vancouver. E-mail, mike4mayor2014@gmail.com Mike Hansen's campaign is funded by Cannabis sales to ALL over 18. GST # 822985230
June 01, 2014