Police Accountability & Supervision.

Crime isn't out of control in Vancouver, it controls Vancouver! Under a democratic administration, police in Vancouver will be wearing 'cop cams', guaranteeing Citizens security! They'll become “champions of truth and justice” wearing their new cameras. In their introduction to the 21st Century, Vancouver police will 'swear an oath' to The Citizens. Protecting The Citizens and NOT criminals and other “agents of the crown”. The 'Missing Women' of Vancouver were ignored! Do Human lives mean nothing to these “treacherous servants”? In 2 years they charged over 700 drunken kids for 'rioting' but it took them 7 years to charge one 'scapegoat' Robert Pickton, for some of the murderers of Vancouver's Missing Women. V.p.d. officer Anne Drennan and r.C.m.p. corporal Catherine Galliford were not asked to testify at the enquire? These women should have been leaders in this investigation. Shameful behaviour! What were these “treacherous servants” covering-up, that took them so long? Complacency with murderers & criminal gangs? The Missing Women case will be re-opened to bring “true criminals” in this case to democratic justice! The V.p.d. will be changed to the “Vancouver police service” and their subservience to agencies from the “gang, cocaine, gun & crime infested U.S.A.” will be severed! “Little Jimmy” and the V.p.s. won't be riding Harleys in parades or on weekends, untill Vancouver's streets are safe and secure. Their primary duty will be protecting the Citizens from harm by making Vancouver a “gang free zone”. “Little Jimmy” and I will be busy lobbing the federal government for protection from American cocaine and guns, smuggled through Our borders and ports! “In puppy training, it has to have it's nose pushed into poo, to become better educated!” They must work diligently to regain Our trust, they deviously lost. “Little Jimmy” will become the lead crime fighter and “faithful servant” to The Citizens of Vancouver! We'll start a rigorous training and hiring process, chaired by a “Citizen oversight body”, void of police, judicial, political and other corrupt influences. As it's all about accountability and the People's safety! I've devised some “tools” that will make “Little Jimmy's” job much, much easier. More traffic police for one. With the proper “tools”, guidance and education, Citizens safety will be paramount! We'll be offering $big bonuses$ and promotions to officers that expose corruption within the V.p.s.. They will become role models for our youth and aids to our Seniors. Shedding their self imposed 'pig' monicker! We'll rewrite the police 'act' to represent democracy, transforming the V.p.s. into the finest police service in the World. Protecting The Safest City in the World. No budget freeze! First We must purge ALL “career criminals” from the V.p.s., as this is the only way to a safer Vancouver! Do you want your Children to be the next victims of police corruption/drug addiction? Collusion? Breach of trust? Human Rights Violations? Under the current administration can We trust them to protect us? Sadly NO! Police corruption and complacency with criminals is out of control in Vancouver and the escalating costs to The Taxpayers?


Making Vancouver The Safest City in the World.

As the Vancouver 2014 election gets closer, We
will be updating more about Mike Hansen's platform and how he will address these and more issues
effecting us all, in Vancouver.
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June 01, 2014