Parks board.

Why do our Seniors have to petition the courts for freedoms at Community Centers? Public servants shamefully running roughshod over Seniors and The Community Associations that have done so much good work. They have NO respect for their elders! In a democratic system the People are in charge and the parks board administrators keep things operating in an orderly fashion. Employees paid with Our Tax $$$. For some convoluted reason the parks board thinks they 'own' these Community Centers! They display “colonial tyranny and rights of entitlement, not democracy”. Who do these “treacherous little trollops” on the park board think they are? Time to redirect their focus and have their vision re calibrated with an education on accountability. Or the rising costs to The Taxpayers. Solutions? Pay cuts for the board. A 2 year budget freeze. Except all non-government special interest groups, Seniors, Associations and others Citizen interests.

Making Vancouver The Safest City in the World.

As the Vancouver 2014 election gets closer, We will be updating more about Mike Hansen's platform and how he will address these and more issues effecting us all, in Vancouver. E-mail us with ideas and changes you want in Vancouver. E-mail, Mike Hansen's campaign is funded by Cannabis sales to ALL over 18. GST # 822985230
June 01, 2014