City Hall.

City hall and “little lord fauntleroy’s” out of control visions of entitlements. With the mayor's reputation as a successful Vancouver businessman, why is it that the deals Vancouver gets into never makes $money$ or just breaks even? The mayor operates the city like a 'slot machine', pouring $money$ in and pulling ferociously hoping a payoff soon! Vancouver city hall is the very reflection of a volatile stock with out of control directors! $3million$ website? Demanding 'corporate pay scales'? With this in mind they should run the city like a corporation, without a deficit and boasting 'shareholders (voters) dividends'! The same way they run their own 'corporations as board of directors', answering to the shareholders/investors. They celebrate and travel like there's no tomorrow, building nothing but a $deficit$. Calling themselves 'business and community leaders'! All voters/taxpayers will receive one share in the corporation of Vancouver, exercising your share by voting. As mayor We'll initiate a forensic audit on the P.H.S. and charge all criminals involved! Under this democratic system, City Hall will implement a property tax freeze and roll-backs for Seniors primary residents. Pro-rated to the years they've owned their homes. After all, their taxes have helped build this city for many, many years. Or the rising costs to The Taxpayers. Solutions? Pay cuts from the mayor on down. A 2 year budget freeze. Except all non-government special interest groups needs.

Making Vancouver The Safest City in the World.

As the Vancouver 2014 election gets closer, We will be updating more about Mike Hansen's platform and how he will address these and more issues effecting us all, in Vancouver. E-mail us with ideas and changes you want in Vancouver. E-mail, Mike Hansen's campaign is funded by Cannabis sales to ALL over 18. GST # 822985230
June 01, 2014