Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Pregnancy Chronicles: 24 Weeks AND Name Reveal

So it's been two months since my last bump update! I sort of skipped 20 weeks, because life was a bit of a whirlwind! But I'm back! Also. thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the warm thoughts and positive vibes from my last post! We really appreciate it!

The Pregnancy Chronicles

How far along?
24 weeks plus two days. I got told today how much bigger my bump looks this week....."Thanks, I'm so glad!"- was my response; mentally, "Just keep your mouth shut unless it's to tell me how stunning I look!"

Baby's size?
She's the size of  GI Joe, eggplant, demi-baguette or an Atlantic puffin.....pick your theme!

Weight gain?
I've weighed myself, but I'm not entirely sure what I've gained. At 20 weeks I got told that he was happy I finally gained, then I got sick and lost several pounds. So I don't have a clue!

How am I feeling?
Sore...literally everywhere. She is sitting in my hips and it's killing my lower back, hips and making my sciatic go crazy! I'm going to chiropractor regularly but there's no way for him to shove her out of my hips....so here I sit and whine! 

Current mood?
Excited/Worried! I haven't done one single thing to her nursery. Not. One. So I'm super excited to get it going but worried we won't get it done in time! Chasing other children makes it difficult to dedicate time in a room to paint/organize/clean. Eek!

Best moment this month?
Jason finally got to feel her move. With her being so low, all her kick have been in my hips till recently, so he gets to feel her wiggle and jiggle now!

Too much! We got a DockATot, mamaRoo swing, and an obnoxious amount of clothes. Amazon Prime is proud of us.....I'm not sure about our bank account!

Uhhhh food? I just recently really started to be hungry more than what's normal. BUT I really do love donuts!

She's all over the place! I feel her mostly at night time and when I drive. She does like to wake me up kicking and making me have to pee around 2am!

If my other children could learn to sleep through the night, that'd be great!

Missing anything?
Not really! Although I could totally go for some raw cookie dough!

Looking forward to.....
Getting things together for her! AND our babymoon! We leave this week for Denver for 3 nights and 4 glorious days! Ahhhhh sleeping in and having adult conversations, I'm soooo excited!


This was from our anatomy scan at 20 weeks, and LITERALLY the only decent picture we got (well beside all of the measurements and readings they needed to verify that she's healthy!)

Bump Picture:

24 Weeks!

(you thought I forgot didn't you!)

Ruby Avanell 

Ruby has been our girl name for while and Avanell is my grandma's name! Now bring on ALLLLLL the personalized things!

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