The Sunday Food-Related Post: Lucky Foods?



Hombre de Acero emailed me the other day to pass on something random he received in his inbox. It wasn’t suitable for his site, but he thought it might be for Going Deep. And so it proved to be.

Honestly, I have to admit that it is distinctly lacking in any sort of documentation or proof. However, it’s amusing, and it saves me from writing a column on my bye week, so here it is.

It’s a promo, of course, for a company called Grubhub, which they claim is “the country’s leading meal provider “. A little googling reveals that it “allows you to order meals from restaurants near you.” The marketer sent the following doubtless critical information:

First was the list of the five foods most commonly ordered on the day of a Steelers win:

Buffalo chicken tenders, Mac and Cheese, Spicy Salmon Roll, Fettuccine Alfredo, and Cheesy Breadsticks.

Sadly, he does not give a list of foods which undoubtedly lead to Steelers losses. Nor does he give total numbers, or any other way to attempt to assess the actual germaneness of the information.

But since I know you need to know these things, here is the complete list of foods “more commonly ordered on Pittsburgh football wins vs. losses.” (Hereafter known as MCOW—More Commonly Ordered on the day of a Win.) From now on all things related to Steelers wins vs. losses on this site will be part of the MCOW index…

  • Buffalo chicken tender — 191.2% MCOW
  • Mac and cheese — 174% MCOW
  • Spicy salmon roll — 170.6% MCOW
  • Fettuccine aAlfredo — 168.6% MCOW
  • Cheesy breadsticks — 145.5% MCOW
  • Meatball sandwich — 143.2% MCOW
  • Pierogis — 138.7% MCOW
  • Vegetable spring roll — 136.5% MCOW
  • italian calzone — 130.6% MCOW
  • Caesar salad — 130.2% MCOW
  • Fried dumpling — 129.7% MCOW
  • Chicken egg roll — 128.5% MCOW
  • Meat lover pizza — 126.5% MCOW
  • Spicy tuna roll — 126% MCOW
  • Pork egg roll — 125.7% MCOW
  • Barbecue chicken pizza — 123.4% MCOW
  • Sweet and sour chicken — 123.4% MCOW
  • Shrimp fried rice — 121.5% MCOW
  • Buffalo chicken sandwich — 121% MCOW
  • Hawaiian pizza — 117.2% MCOW
  • Popcorn chicken — 116.7% MCOW
  • Jalapeno popper — 115.2% MCOW

So many questions remain. Why is ordering Buffalo chicken tenders so much more effective than a Buffalo chicken sandwich? Why does Chinese food begin so much further down the list than sushi? And for that matter, why are pierogis not even in the top five? Seems almost inconceivable. Not to mention the complete lack of Primanti’s sandwiches on the list.

But please feel free to do some of your own research and let me know your conclusions. Although there is no Steelers game today, it is certainly worth planning ahead for next week.

And speaking of next week, I’m planning a series of recipes for Baltimore specialties, modified to be dominated by Pittsburgh touches. At least I hope so. Check it out, and until then enjoy a stress-free day!

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