Composting Explained in 1881 Household Cyclopedia

When I was young, my mother sent us out every evening to bury the day’s apple cores, carrot tops and hickory nut hulls in the garden. And, because we ate so much wild game, we always had animal innards, bones, skin and other scraps to get rid of. Our neighbors […]

Devon bull

Katadyn filter

Win a Katadyn Water Filter

Here’s another opportunity for you to win a great prize from Well WaterBoy Products.  Just be the first to correctly guess the maximum gallons per minute a strong, fit man pumps, with the WaterBuck Pump with new sucker rod and increased mechanical advantage.   We’ve replaced the inadequate 3/8″ galvanized pipe […]

Keeping Critters from the Garden — Forever

One the most discouraging aspects of gardening is when critters eat, trample or uproot overnight a lush and leafy crop just ready for picking. We’ve tackled every sort of garden raider around here, including deer, rabbits, squirrels, turtles, birds, armadillos, raccoon, mice, rats and even neighboring cattle, just to name […]

Beyond Off-Grid Documentary Includes Well WaterBoy Products

Missouri entrepreneur Sophek “Sean” Tounn believes to survive any number of potential calamities, we must relearn ancient skills now – the ones developed before modern technology weakened us, the skills that draw upon human muscle and ingenuity. Tounn says we need to think beyond alternative energy and pursue simple lives. […]