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Not Made in China

A popular commercial slogan when I was growing up in the 1960s was Zenith’s “quality goes in before the name goes on.” Incidentally, we had only one TV all the years of my childhood, a tubeless black-and-white Zenith. Back then, we took for granted that first-rate products always would be […]

Ross Perot

1944 clothesline

Clothesline Season is Here

Hooray for springtime — a season of carefree clothes-drying in the Ozarks. I actually dry clothes outside all year, but by mid-March no longer have to worry about sleet covering the wash. And what a winter it has been. Many times, I made a 50-yard dash to snatch the laundry […]

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Hanging Clothes Outdoors is More Fun than Ever

We have had to settle for cheap, imported junk for so long, we hardly even grumble anymore or even try to find the quality items we’d really rather have. Inferior goods have taken over every area of our homesteads – from tinny garden hoes to pewter-like screwdrivers and plastic everything. […]

1909 tips for drying clothes outdoors

Why do movie producers allocate mountains of money to depicting the teeniest details, over-the-top costumes, heart-pounding special effects and lavish scenery, yet fail to get it right when showing a routine task such as hand-washing clothes? In a recent popular thriller, two women scrubbed a mass of clothes in a […]

clothespin bag