WaterBoy Well Bucket Specifications

Built to Last!

  • Professional quality, 2-way water flow control for dependability
  • Works like the old-time cylinder tin buckets, but made to last. Empties from bottom by pulling lever at the top with one finger
  • 3-inch or 4-inch Schedule-40 PVC pipe (except slim line) with galvanized and zinc-coated hardware
  • Capacity of about 1.2 gallons (3-inch) or 2.2 gallons (4-inch)
  • For off-grid everyday use or emergencies
  • Can be disassembled to replace rubber seal at bottom
  • Valve opens when bucket is lowered; automatically closes as bucket is lifted
  • Use at any depth
  • Overall 46 1/2-inch length; weight of 5 pounds (slim-line bucket), 6 1/2 pounds (3-inch bucket) and 8 pounds (4-inch bucket)
  • Fills and empties in seconds
  • Reinforced to minimize damage to internal parts from accidental free-fall
  • Use with a windlass, tripod, or simply with a rope. We recommend 1/2″ braided (not twist) polypropylene rope for hand operations, and 1/4″ rope or 1/8 wire cable with a windlass.